Sunday, July 5, 2015

Randomness of Video Apps

Some of the new video apps, like Magisto and Google photos, create videos and slide shows when you are not aware that it is happening.

I find it interesting to compare their random versions to the ones I spend hours on.  Somtimes it makes me wonder if my intentions are for naught.

My Popcorn Maker version of Bluesy Remedy-Ation:

And the random one created by Magisto:

Does our desire for quick, easy & pretty override our desire for meaning?  Maybe, and sometimes that is OK.


  1. I had a long comment, but apparently Blogger says, "No, we prefer less than 4096 characters." So I am putting my comment here:

  2. I will be back too (notice a trend?)

  3. Wasting time here.

  4. Need more space, pause, nothing, not a thing.
    If you've learnt something maybe it doesn't matter about the format you share here.........
    Actually it's a challenge to even think with the Minions movie playing on the other half of the screen (in a foreign language) to keep small people occupied....but we battle on!