Monday, July 17, 2017

Swell Antique Postcards and Polish Ladies

Treasure hunting on vacation.

Day 1: I found some antique postcards at Buddhas and Beads and of course bought twelve of them.

Went back to house and enthusiastically shared with my family [Insert indifference from some and curiosity from others.] 

Discovered that 4 of the cards had notes on them from the same family. The Fox family. [Insert excitement on my part!]

Day 2: Returned to see if I could mine more postcard gold. Found five more notes from that family, and a few other gems.

(My personal fave had no writing on it - 3 Polish ladies, circa  1910.  What's not to love here?!)

Back to the Fox family:
It was fascinating to find a series of postcards from one family.  The dates started in 1908 and went through 1941.

My challenge to you [if you choose to accept it] is to write their story using the cards I found.

1908 to Mr. Harry Fox. The message just says "From, Fred." The picture is the Bowery in NYC and the postmark is Madison Square Station NY, 1908. 

1927 Postmarked Atlantic City:

(How about that picture!)

1928 (Mystery word? Name? Kessler?)



June 22, 1941

July 22, 1941

July 31, 1941

Sept 26, 1941

There's so much to think about here - locations, years, what had not yet happened (Pearl Harbor), what happened in the midst of these cards (WWI), who was who, international travel, those stamps!, what was said and not said...

Run with it - write their story!
(or some other project - it's CLMOOC!)

My reflections will be in a separate post - I did not want to clutter their story with mine.