Sunday, July 19, 2015

Post-modernisticastic Stuffalumpousness

Image result for moonrise kingdomBoth of these photos demonstrate the heutagogical necessity of andragogy as well as a metamodernistic take on post-modern thought process.  As you can see, the layering inherent in both the bread and the puzzle pieces clearly delineates what Vermeulen and van den Akker explained in their tour de force work Notes on Metamodernism, which is that all of the thingamajigs that people once thought of as Extremely Important are no longer so.They note that the post-ideological brainset has replaced the Alanis Morrisette-type of Jerry Seinfeldness.  This new balance of ironic detachment and sincere engagment, as seen in Moonrise Kingdom, can be seen in the angle of the paper bag in the first photo, and in the eyes of the sincerely ironic person on the puzzle piece in the second photo.

Clearly, these two photos make one long for the days of altermodernism, remodernism, performatism, and rheumatism.

For a more clear analysis of these issues, please see where Monica Multer posted the perfect antidote to such overly-wordy post-modernisticastic stuffalumpousness here in How to Talk to Babies About Post-Modernism.


  1. I prefer cryptoquasipseudorhizomagrathermic conductivism as a more practical approach the BS constant implied by the Verwhatisit and Vanderwhatevs school of abyssal dismissal. That is to say, "What it is!"

  2. Sure, I got it ..

  3. As an antidote Mary Oliver's "Mindful" is a happy one. Here on Scott Glass's Padlet: and here too on