Friday, October 3, 2014

Swamp-bound, Dinner Is Burning, In Absentia, Adding and Subtracting, Meaning More, Meaningless

100% Swamp-bound.

Zero blog posts.

109 hours.

Never been good at math.

[Trigonometry was fine.  Higher than that, my brain did not compute.]

Lots of math this week.  Actually got a compliment from a colleague - "nice job with this complex math problem."

I have what's called an 11-month position. For two extra pay checks, we need to work 128 extra hours beyond the school day, between July 1, 2014 and July 1, 2015.  

So far I have worked 109.  I have until July to work 19 more hours.  Math.  You do the.

Spent three hours Wednesday night making a plan for distribution and transportation of 22 new Chromebooks throughout the middle school.

Lotsa compliments on said plan.  "Good math."

But. Plan now revised; some initial requisites became moot. [Teachers who had demanded Chromebooks no longer needed them once it took a tiny bit of coordination and cooperation to get them.]

Mine, all mine.

Don't wanna share.

"It's not about you.  What do the kids need?"

Too. Much. Work.

In the background, my Connected Courses friends got to play.  9 p.m. Three hours into the Chromebooks plan, I was irritable. I wanted to play, too.  But. Sleep.   @ 9 p.m. EST. 


I have not gotten to read blogs this week. Only tiny dips into Twitter.  I know beautiful things have been happening.  I can't wait to rejoin.

Right now, my dinner is burning in the stove.  I smell the delicious burntness as I write.  So it burns.  I need to write. I like crispy veggies.  It all works out.

Brief respites with a student, writing to Maha Bali, have kept me encouraged, connected. He is excited to have a long-distance friend in Egypt.  He has few real friends here. Thank you, Maha.

Meaning more.

Not meaningless.

Lessons Learned.  
You can miss people you've never met.  You can wonder what they'd think about something that is happening in front of you.  

People. In France. Kentucky. Egypt. Massachusets. Ohio. New York.

Dinner.  Delicious.  Crunchy.

Out of the swamp. For now.


  1. For you, a comic.

  2. hahahahaha! Kevin, I love it!!!! Honored to burn dinner if it inspires comix.

  3. I wanted to play around with adding some atmospherics to the mix:

  4. Terry, I commented on Soundcloud! LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!!