Monday, October 13, 2014

Being @DogTrax - An Homage

If you can't sing it, it won't come alive.

Last Sunday, our #dailyconnect asked us to collaborate on a song.  I got together with some #ccourses folks and collaborated to create a new version of an old favorite. Some people were really trepidatious.

That got me thinking - what must it feel like for people to step outside their comfort zones with music? I am comfortable making music, sharing music.  I enjoy taking things others create and adding my own musical touch to them. I sing, play saxophone, guitar, write songs.

There’s a certain feeling you get when you share a song that is close to your heart. On one hand, you don’t want to let it go. It’s so personal that it feels like a child that needs protecting. On the other hand, some songs come out nearly perfect (or so it seems) and the only way to breathe real life into it is to share it. 

I also love making comics.  See some examples here.  Comics are not for everyone.  But they help me to zero in on important ideas in the writing of others. It's my way of "reading" the posts and material, searching for interesting tidbts.

So I decided to take a comic look at how it might feel for others to make music in #ccourses.  The second panel in this comic includes my friend Terry, our favorite writer/pirate.  His use of obscure phrases always makes me laugh (and think).

Finally, my friend Maha posted here, where she asked, "Can Less Be More in an Age of Abundance?"  Maha had planted a small garden of green beans, but then found she had planted too many and they were too close together.  She took that and applied it as a metaphor to revision, and growth, and collaboration.  One of her lines grabbed my attention and made me think:

Peace (in the frame),
as Kevin

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  1. (Did a comment go through? I think I broke Google a second ago ...)
    I am honored and humbled and felt such joy to see comics, music and connections ringing through the echoes of my writing in your writing. Nice!
    Here is our song, by the way: