Saturday, October 18, 2014

Blackout Poem - Reimaging Education #nuggets

Connected Courses Unit Three pointed me to Jon Udell's article "Reimagining Education."

Please read his succinct, effective explanation of how motivation and context can push us into being able to learn things for which we do not have traditional "prerequisites."

As I delve into unit 3 and sadly try to understand the difference between the internet and the web (still pondering John Naughton's article), Udell's article seemed ripe with parse-able ideas and #nuggets.

At our school, our computers are forever being "reimaged," which pretty much cleans them off and gives them a blank slate. So here is my blackout poem of Udell's "Reimagining Education," transformed into Reimaging after being sent through my brain. (Go here to see the full blackout doc.)


Partner with a web, a sandbox for exploring open experimenting, with its possibilities.
Was the result like so?
Gardner listened.
I interviewed,
and commented, “He is so close to what I've been thinking!”
I was seeing incontrovertible proof of telepathy,
discovery, and the blogosophere.
And linked
where I linked back -
the scale and pace quite different in that world.
“Ascendant uses of the Internet” -- could education?
Was supposed to, but of course never did.
What's changing?
The will?
We're a dual inflection point: widespread widespread knowledge.
Compelling how the 21st century would have predicted no ability to read,
and then, arriving, asking well-informed questions only semi-jokingly:
this shouldn't be called intimidation but, rather, "shared decision-making?"
Two factors govern motivation and context.
When you're loved, your motivation is a given.
They build a context. The first time they get what's going on here.
But what happened when I did the same topic?
I got a start.
I take back the experience of making,
kind of grateful,
every new development
comes from people who "know" one another.
Those who can rapidly acquire these contexts needed both.
Learning is, arguably, learning
more broadly.
Thanks to  a glimpse of the future, I talked about the remarkable  process --
its extreme transparency to the surrounding design,
Its specifications.
Its testing.
Its use.
Write --
you can tap,
learn how,
bootstrap yourself.
Enlarge that context.
Access access.
If principles look like challenges,
figure it out.
everyone -- should be asking and trying.



  1. This is awesome! What a cool approach. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  2. Wow, Susan--this is spectacular. Thank you for this gift. I will share it with Jon.