Sunday, May 3, 2015

Intersecting Overlapping Interlocutors: Webs of Most Excellent Comments

I am waiting.  I want my homework.

Dave's weekly post comes.

I read the homework.  I think about the homework.

Primarily, I LIVE the homework. As I make my way through my day, filled with teachers and 13 year-olds, I live it. And reflect.

So, this week - content.

A busy week in this context is good. It means others will have written about this before I was able to. They can help me understand, perceive, and reorient my thinking.

So, I read and read and read. 

Links from blogs.
Blogs from links.
Something else I probably forgot.

And then confusion sets in.  If I liked your Facebook post, and then comment on your blog, should I also comment on your Facebook post?  If I +1 your comment on Google+ and then read your blog, should I also favorite your tweet? If I favorited your tweet, does that mean I already read your post?  Or that I will?  If I comment on Twitter, should I also comment on your blog? And on Facebook? And on Google+? 

I just want you to know that I am reading!

And these Intersecting Overlapping Interlocutors and these Webs of Most Excellent Comments will not defeat me.


  1. Mahntik's web is amazing... i googled it and liked it but i'm not sure if they have a twitter handle so i can follow them and maybe on Facebook.... but, yeah, when someone listed the blogs that were published this week and i realized i hadn't even made it to a quarter of them when i was thinking i was keeping up i was a bit taken aback. how to surf the whelm without being overwhelmed.... thanks for this :)

  2. Fuck it. Let's go bowling, dude.

  3. I'll reply or if on the fly just like the first encounter but not necessarily more....many, many moocs ago, I gave up on so much as making a dent but still keep reading.

    PS I shared your last one with the Public Education Bloggers network and tweeted with the #edblognet tag.

  4. The hilarity of the arrow of causation.

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