Friday, January 2, 2015

Time, Patience, Coconuts, Pileated Woodpeckers, Doodles

Photo by Jessi Watson, Thai Coconut Timepiece

As in,'s been a long.

That's all relative, of course.

The beginning of my hike
I have managed to maintain some online connections, and managed to attend OpenEd14 (which was fantastic and after which I got lost in VA someplace as my phone died and darkness fell and the Famous Virginia Traffic Overtook).  

My work at school has been rewarding. The pain levels in my body have not. They seem to cycle, and for the past few weeks the cycle has been Not So Good. As in, Bad. 


Through these weeks, I have truly thought of my #ccourses folks daily.

I have been yearning to connect with them, but only managing the Life Minimum to succeed in "real" life, AKA my job....which basically means I have devoted what ever energy I have to my school and staff and students.

So. Connections.  


We have now had ten days off from work, which has helped my pain. Less typing. Fewer desk-sitting hours.

I have been trying to Capture Moments in order to Maintain Sanity. Take advantage of the times when less pain has reared its head.

Listening to pileated woodpecker.
Books, they help a lot.  And nature.  I was able to take a gorgeous hike in Patapsco State Park and watch a pileated woodpecker for a wonderfully long time. 
Sky at Patapsco State Park
One of my students, who is homeless, has been at the Barnes and Noble store in town daily for about 8 hours a day, because his mom got a job in the mall. He and his sister can't stay at the shelter during the day, so they wait at the book store. I have been showing up there with my chess board and challenging him to a few games as we both learn to play chess.  

A colleague and I have been playing Chess With Friends across space and time. I'm awful, but willing and learning!  (You wanna?)

Another student has mainstreamed back to his home school, but I maintain contact with his mom.  He and I went on New Year's Eve to see the new Hunger Games movie. Popcorn ensued, and discussions of The Walking Dead, and mostly I was just happy to see him.  He has grown 6 inches since I last saw him.

My BFF and I have seen some amazing films as well - Imitation Game, Theory of Everything, Fury, Unbroken, Wild.

PopArt filter on Zendoodle of owl
I am learning a new meditation-doodling method called Zentangle, which I am really enjoying. Hoping to incorporate it into our SEL program at school.

Embossed Filter on Bird Zendoodle
Most days for me consist of a choice between accomplishing a lot (more pain) and accomplishing a little (less pain). 

Today was a good day.

And...tomorrow will be another good one.

I need a cMOOC.