Sunday, September 14, 2014

Blackout Poem based on @raccooncity's Not All Who Wander Are Lost

First, check out Lara Jensen's Connected Courses post here.  
As we begin to begin our new Connected Courses experience, I've been catching up with new blogs. I read Lara's post and bio and was intrigued: "I love a good provocation! Apologies in advance if I ask too many questions..."

Lara already seems interesting, and I am looking forward to learning from and connecting with her. In the spirit of friendly "provocation," I took her post and created a Blackout poem, partial screen shot here:

To see the whole doc, click here:

Lara, I hope I did you justice.  

Here's the poem in its entirety:

Meandering Path
Get started wth contrast.
No, I engaged the nature,
The direction,
A series.
Just try learning for the ride-

     perfectly, easily.
Experience complete.
I could follow in the connected WHY.
This will be my Integrator,
seems in my zone of reasons and desires.
The nature of the way.
To unfold, we will have difficulties.
There is expectation; people seem focused on steps.
But "personality" will end up with some kind of story at the end of
I push the intended boundaries, poking around in the first place.
A few might want to "break the rules" and adventure to reach side trips.
Explore some control each day.
I look forward
to the 


  1. Ooh, now I want to do one of these! I'm intrigued that your line breaks when you typed the poem out don't match my interpretation from the blacked-out document. Of course, part of the fun of poetry is the room for different oral (aural?) interpretations.

  2. OK I want to see it when you do! Interesting that you note the line breaks - that was the most creative and fun part for me.