Sunday, November 8, 2015

Engaging the Recalcitrant, the Trepidatious and the Surly

Term 1 was hideous.

Still, I was excited to start a Choose Your Own Adventure unit with my students. [I guess that's much of what being a teacher is - still getting excited after a million failures.] I knew it would fail with many of our kids, but my hope was that it would grab one or two students who might have otherwise just cussed me out [again].

So far, the story creation is working [shockingly] well.

Our goal for the project is a Choose Your Own Adventure on Google Slides like this:
The Journey of Tannock

Before things go south, I wanted to share some of the characters they have created. I have not edited their writing.  This was step one.  Wish us good luck with the rest of the steps!

His name is Fire Hawk. He is 20 ft tall and he is shaped like muscular and strong. His skin is green. He has a problem and it is anger issues. He has had three important events in his life .The first was  people dying in his family.  This made him really frustrated and down.  This made him decide to destroy things because that made him happy. The second was getting into fights and that caused him to get mad.  The last important event was he started to become more happy.  This made him decide to try to save the world. 

Titanium (no description yet)

DT is 17 years old tennager in the city of ember  all his family died from an evil race of 380s gang he has set out to find them help dt revenge his family.

this is nick he fell in a pool of toxic waste and that's what happened to him he got powers as well he was a 10 year old boy he has lived 100 years since then he cannot die he dosnt remember how it happend to him now hes on his way to find out what had happened  and why

(no description yet)

(no descriptions yet)

His name is Lobo {wolf} and he is black,brown and blue wolf.With yellow eyes that reflect the moon.He carries a spear with him with a egel on the top.He is 56 years old and he is part wolf part human and he is the only wolf like that.His pack of 5 wolfs and they all listen to him and he can speak to them he runs the whole woods.He can live till he's 169 years old and he has to protect his pack he only .He is very strong and he can see from 576 miles away and can hear from 36 miles away and can left up to 1,562 pounds. The pack is from Mexico and they now live in South Dakota.

I will end with this:


  1. I love all of these drawings, and especially Nick. I'm glad to hear that there is a small ray of sunshine in your classroom :)

  2. Yeah!
    I'll be getting to my Interactive Fiction later this year, with Google Slides, too. Maybe your students will let me use their projects as mentor texts? Ask 'em, willya? And I choose .... kindness, for our own adventure. Welcome back to blogging.