Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Elsie Cow and Small White Dog (Explicating the Inexplicable)

Forking Deleuze and Guattari,what one finds is that the data fall as such:

There are clear intersecting patterns and similar vertices.  Of note, there are 5034 vertices and 68 million unique edges.

Looking at the data from another angle, we can clearly see that Elsie cow (far left) has 65 edge duplicates, a clear distinction in opposition to Clara (far right). Or as D&G would say, there is a clear topography of strawberries aligning themselves with both smooth and striated spaces.
Finally, we can see the geodics number rising in the graphic at the right. Subject and text are clearly distinct, as Lolly the small white dog stands as a clear but deceptive invasive species.  Note the stark contrast to the striated spaces beneath the Lowes garden soil.



  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94bdMSCdw20



    1. John Hiatt is such a great lyricist! But seriously not serious, how could I choose among the three songs? Milk Cow Blues Mashed Up with Yellow Taxi+My Dog and Me=some kind of phantasmagorical result.

  2. Thoughts .. The cows are cute. That's my data metric ..

  3. I think u had better do a TED talk.

  4. Clearly some complex intersections of multiplicity are operating below the plane of the visible here. What protects Lolly (small white dog) from being rhizomatically reterritorialized by the black pottingSoil even as Lolly deterritorializes the bag? How is the dog not becoming-blackDirt in this circulation of intensities? What disrupts the parallelism between the two strata to prevent the two becomings from interlinking and forming relays of colour transferrence?

    Answers? What Answers? Answers are undignified - aligned with striation. Let the certainty addicts supply answers. I just like being a sh*t disturber.

    1. Jim, I feel that the answers truly lie within a seven layer bean dip. Think about it. See?

    2. Seven layer dip! Now that's dignified
      And it's a multiplicity to boot