Sunday, April 19, 2015

Once Upon a Timeeeeeeeee

One upon a timeeeeeeee,

There was #CLMOOC.

And it was good.

One the ___th day we rested.

No, actually we never rested.

There were these people.

Smart. Engaging. Thought-provoking. Kind.

There was this one person.  Terry Elliott.

He was not afraid to question. He was not afraid to be human. 

I loved that.

There was this other person. Kevin Hodgson.

He was always creating in new ways. Comics. Music. Writing.

I loved that.

There was this third person. Maha Bali.  She was prolific and connected and compassionate. Not afraid to be vulnerable and connect.

I loved that. 

There was Simon Ensor.  This other person.  His writing is poetic metaphorical literal figurative mind-blowingly beautiful.

I loved that.

There were these other folks. Lots of them. Real. And caring. And intelligent. And connecting. And creative. And helpful.

I loved that.

Months later.  A year later. I consider these folks my friends. We are in near-constant connection mode.  I think of them all. Often.

One is in Kentucky. One is in Massachusetts. One is in Egypt. And one is in France.

I am. In Maryland. U.S. 


If you are worried about #rhizo15.


These are real people.  These are people who will actually think about what you say or write.

This experience might be virtual surreal online electronic time-lapsed time-travelling for you.

But. It is real.


Relax. Jump on. Be real. 

All else will take care of itself.

And we saw that the light was good. And we separated the light from the darkness.


  1. I cried. I did. So beautiful, love the mimicking of the bible melded with the joke and melded with the really useful advice in here. Love you so much, Susan

  2. I love how you captured connections that became friendships ..

  3. Lovely. It truly is an honor and great fun to be welcomed into the fold-not-mash of #rhizo15 and whatever other roots have fed into it. And yes, it is that open. Thank you!

  4. Er...Thank you Susan.
    I am otherwise lost for words...

    "Which is an aubaine for the rest of us."
    A.N. Other.