Thursday, July 17, 2014

Light-Full Inspiration


This week's assignment was to use light to create a story.  I really wanted to focus on story rather than tech tools.  But how to involve light? I wanted to try using
a small light source in a dark room.  

So, I waited until night, got my tiny flashlight, and closed my bedroom door.  

Once inside what felt like a cave, I turned on the flashlight and began to play with light and effects.  In the midst of this, I realized that I felt like I was seeing everything, perhaps, as a baby in utero might see it - small orbs of light surrounded by darkness.

Looking at the finished photos, I knew I wanted to write the baby's story, and I wanted it to be a baby who had been around before.  This idea was partly inspired by a recent article I read, "Why don't babies remember being born?" and partly inspired by a friend's son, who spoke at a VERY young age and remembered being in his mother's tummy.

I think maybe some babies do remember.

Follow me down this rabbit hole? It's taken me all week to navigate.

This is the story of one baby.


  1. Exquisite! I love the rhythm of the alternating images and text, and the subtle sound effects. And of course, what a clever way to explore the themes of light, and shadow, and the dark, and memory...

  2. I can't see the images. Is that my iPhone?